About Melissa Sgambelluri

melissa pattern

Born into the heartbeat of music, Melissa has always had a deep passion for movement. She intuitively guides people through sacred feminine dance to activate deeper love, healing and connection with their body. She has worked with countless women to break free of their rigid masculine shackles and reignite their heart’s flame. She integrates her singing and dancing background with her teachings to create powerful and lasting transformations for her clients.

Healing from her own limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and wounding, Melissa has committed herself to helping others transform their lives. She uses her intuitive gifts to guide you through your own transformation process and to help activate more love. By connecting you to your heart, you will begin to embody your truth and return home to your soul’s essence.

Along with 1:1 coaching and group programs, Melissa has designed and teaches “Connection & Flow.”
A method that uses a variety of movement techniques & breath-work to connect you deeper with your heart space. This practice will pull up stuck energy or emotions and drop you out of your busy mind. This is a safe space to express your sensual side and help you discover more appreciation for yourself and your body.

Melissa believes in this work and utilizes all of her teachings within her  own life. Her open heart and unique methods will expose the light within you and allow the beautiful changes to begin.

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