Heal with Melissa

This is a one hour video call to help you open your heart, activate deep healing, and open to love.

1:1 Healing Video Call

This is safe space to fully express yourself and begin to release the pain that you have held onto for too long. Melissa will intuitively guide you through an hour of healing and transformation.

No matter if you have just started your healing journey or have been practicing for years, this one hour call will crack open your heart and reveal what you have been searching for.


What Previous Students Are Saying

“After my first call with Melissa, it had blown 5 years of counseling out of the water.”
Olivia Jarem
Creator of Soul Kick Fit

“She helped me step into my “woman-ness!”

Haley Madison
Online Business Coach

“She helps you find your own answers, that way, you really become your own inner guru.”
Maryam Younes
Criminal Lawyer

The healing session you’ve been looking for.

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